We are dedicated to provide an environment that offers learning opportunities and promotes social, emotional, cognitive and physical development.

Our Infant/Toddler program is set up specially to meet the delicate needs of the precious tiny ones. We understand how hard it is for the first daycare drop-off day; this is why we work with the parents to make the child’s transition as smooth as possible. Our infant and toddlers are surrounded with a soft environment where they can explore, play, learn and develop safely.

They also have a well-balanced, age appropriate schedule, which includes indoor and outdoor time as well. We have a 1 to 4 teacher ratio, which allows plenty of one on one loving attention. We foster high self-esteem and a deep love for learning, which will enable them to perform at their fullest potential in their future learning.

years old
Early learning (Full-day)

We are not only committed to seeing them reach their full potential but we also desire to meet their developmental needs. We have a 1 to 8 teacher ratio for our 3 to 5 years of age’s classrooms. Activities such as dramatic play, arts & crafts, sensory, cooking, large and small motor activities, indoor & outdoor play and special field trips will enhance their learning experiences.

We believe the importance of learning though play; we will provide active learning environment that will support cognitive, social-emotional and physical development. Each child will participate in hands-on activities, as well as explore, create and socialize with others. Our program includes both independent and group learning activities that promote the important personal and social skills a child needs for a successful transition to school.